King Palm Watermelon Terps - Mini Pre Rolls - 2 Pack - UK


King Palm Watermelon Terps - Mini Pre Rolls - 2 Pack - UK

- Watermelon Flavour
- 2 Pre-Rolled Mini Wraps & Tips per Pack + King Palm Bamboo Pokey
- 100% Organic Palm Leaf Pre-Rolled Cigar Wrap
- Squeeze & Pop to activate flavour.
- Tobacco-Free and Additive Free

Watermelon Flavored Pre Rolled Cones

Enjoy the sweet and juicy taste of our Watermelon Wave Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones. Our wraps are all-natural and tobacco-free. They provide you with a slow-burning, flavorful, and blunt-like experience without any added chemicals or other unwanted ingredients. Each pack of rolls includes a hydration pack to ensure the freshness of your wraps. To make sure you have everything you need for a successful smoke session, we also include a bamboo packing stick for tamping down your herb. 

All-Natural Cordia Leaf Cones

Our pre-rolled cones are hand crafted from the leaves of the Cordia Palm tree. We use sustainable farming practices to harvest the leaves before they are individually hand rolled for you. No glues, dyes, or artificial materials are used in the process. Each roll comes pre-fitted with a terpene-infused filter tip. 

Watermelon-Infused Filter Tips

Organically grown corn husks are the material of choice for our filter tips. The material provides strength and stability that is not found in traditional paper filters. The flavors in our Watermelon Wave rolls are located in a squeeze-and-pop ball in the filter tip. The only ingredients used for our novel flavoring system are all-natural essential oils and fruit-derived terpenes. Give the filter a squeeze whenever you’re ready to enjoy a burst of watermelon flavors.

The Leading Alternative to Flavored Rolling Papers

King Palm’s flavored rolls are a clear improvement over flavored rolling papers and blunt wraps. Our flavors are located in the filter instead of the paper itself. This results in less muddled flavors, allowing the watermelon to sit side-by-side with the natural taste of your herbs. 

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